The company

The success story of NaturalLook Ltd. starts in 1974 when the entrepreneurial Ewald Pitschl became the first to sell BIRKENSTOCK in South Tyrol.

Convinced of the huge potential of these shoes he started his daring but very successful journey with only a few samples under his arm. He ended up winning over the first resellers in South Tyrol and also in Emilia Romagna. At the time several Italian dealers told him that it was a big risk to try to sell such “ugly” shoes in Italy. He replied, “Even Italians walk with their feet and need comfortable 'made to measure' footwear!" At the beginning it was actually the customers that requested these products and the pioneer Ewald Pitschl personally sent them the shoes in the post. It was only later that the dealers themselves recognized the immense potential of the shoes with the anatomical footbed and started to place regular orders to meet the ever increasing demand of their customers.
Over the years the product line was steadily expanded and the models FinnComfort, Haflinger and Benvado were added. The formerly small company became the successful business NaturalLook Ltd.
When the range of products was expanded the company always remained true to its philosophy of comfortable footwear which is reflected in the company's name “NaturalLook”.
A shoe should contribute to the well-being of the wearers so that they can 'naturally' be themselves.

The history of NaturalLook in numbers

1974 | Opening of the first specialist shop for anatomical comfort shoes in South Tyrol
1983 | Start of the nationwide distribution of the brand BIRKENSTOCK after the successful introduction in South Tyrol
1986-92 | Opening of 4 specialist shops for anatomical comfort shoes in South Tyrol and Trentino
1992 | Exclusive distribution of 6 brands of anatomical footwear in Italy
2004 | Building of the new Head Office in Bolzano South
2004 until today | Expansion of the company all over Italy and nationwide distribution of the NaturalLook Ltd. products